Machining operations are carried out in the marine industry, power industry and also on power plants in greenery's and gas pumping stations.

Machining operations often carried out on-site, when it's possible it also can be done in the workshop.

The machining operations consists of:

  • Skimming of liner landings ofcylinder liners
  • Broaching of lower liner bores
  • Repair cracks in the neck of liner landings
  • Repair bores of gearboxes, pumps and shields of electric motors
  • Manufacturing of special tools or tools for specific purposes (custom made)
  • Manufacturing of for example L-rings to glue them back and then with final machining bring
  • it back to the tolerances specified by the manufacturer


The machining operations will be completed with a full report after the job is done.

Execution of common machining always done within the original specifications and tolerances according to the drawing of the manufacturer.


Alignment and measurements

We have measurements tools that can measure from 0 - 600 mm. We can measure with these tools:

  • outside and inside diameters of cylinders, cylinder bores, etc.


Also performing laser measurements is part of the work. If requested we can check alignments. Report is generated after the work and will be send to the constumer.


Line boring

Check bores and potentially perform line boring. This could be a main bearing bore, a camshaft bearing bore but also bores of intermediate gears roller guides etc, etc.