Besides the repairing of all kinds of objects in the maritime and industrial sector, we also do a lot of repairing of pianos frames. These frames can sometimes suffer from cracks in the ribs of a frame.


We were the first in the Netherlands that reparered a frame of a piano. That's why we have a love for repairing pianos.

The cracks that we will find in the frame, we repair it by locking. With locking the crack will be incarcerated. We begin at first by placing our first locks at the beginning and at the end of the crack. When we have done this, we place more locks over the crack according to calculation. The locks make sure that the strength will return in the frame.


The reparation make sure that the tension and tensile strength of the piano strings on the frame is guarenteed. We have done the repairs a countless times to great satisfaction for all kind of piano companies also very reputable companies.