Welcome to Doddema Locking. This is a cast iron repair company which can perform repairs on-site or at our workshop. On this website we want to give you an idea which activities we can help you with.

Doddema Locking is a company that delivers services to several different sectors.

We are specialized in making all kinds of repairs to cast iron objects. We can repair almost all kinds of cast iron objects.Whether the object is teared or broken in one or more pieces, we can fix it.

We fix these objects by doing a so called 'cold' repair. This kind of repair avoids creating tension between the parts that have been repaired and joined together. This guarantees that the structure of the whole object as stable as it was when the part was new. Also the strength will return after the repair.

Trough our approach towards problems and our repairing method, we have done all kinds of repairs. We also repairs many kinds of object, such as: All kind of ship engines of many different vessels, barge boats and sailing ships, liner's, turbo's, transmission shields, cilinder heads, lathe banks, pumps, gearboxes, gear wheels, sprocket wheels, turbines, bearing houses, counterweigths, press benches, piano frames, cast iron tubes as in pumping stations, etc, etc.

The advantages of Locking (metal stitching) are:

  • No tension in the object after repair
  • Strength returns in the object
  • Structure of the object remains
  • Disassembly of any object is sometimes necessary exceptionally
  • Works can be usally done on-site