Metal stitching / Cold stitching

Doddema Locking is a company that is specialized in repairing of broken and/or cracked cast iron. We repair cast iron trough the Lock-procedure. It is also known as metal stitching and cold stitching. The Lock-procedure means that during the repair, we not using any kind of heat sources. It is also called a ‘cold repair’. 

locking voorbeeld

We make sure by Locking (metal/cold stitching) that the original structure of the object remains. This is not the case when there are welding activities. Because with welding there is use of a heat source. When there is been used a heat source on cast iron, tension is created. The tension in the material almost always will crack further or on a different place.


With Locking (metal/cold stitching) the crack will be incarcerated. We first place a lock at the beginning and another lock at the end of a crack or broken piece. When we have done this we place more locks over the crack or broken piece. This makes sure that the strength comes back in the object. We can repair almost any kind of cast iron.